Resort Information

Resort Information

Alton Towers Resort has a wide variety of scrumptious food & drink, shops to explore and we cater for guests with additional needs.

Additional Needs

Additional Needs

The Alton Towers Resort strives to make sure that the Theme Park, Hotels, Waterpark and other extraordinary attractions are easily accessible to all our guests.

Alton Towers Resort Mobile App

The official App from Alton Towers Resort is here!


Our handy mobile App is the perfect tool for all your Resort needs. Keep up to date with all the latest information, from queue times to exclusive offers!


Available on both Google Play and Apple app store for FREE.



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Alton Towers Resort Maps

Theme Park

Our theme park map will give you the opportunity to plot your route around the fantastical Alton Towers theme park.


The Alton Towers Resort is full of so many things to do, here is our map to show you the way!


The Alton Towers Waterpark has slides and wacky water features.

Community & Charity

Alton Towers has been contributing to the well-being of the local community for hundreds of years, through our Local Community Charter, Charity Requests and Merlin's Magic Wand.

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