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  • CBeebies Land at Alton Towers Resort

    Come and explore CBeebies Land at Alton Towers Resort! The interactive new land will be the only place where you can meet, join in, and play with all your favourite CBeebies characters. With free entry for all children under four and fantastic deals when you buy your tickets in advance, there's no better time to plan your trip than now.

    Home to a range of themed rides, attractions and live entertainment, CBeebies Land will be a completely immersive experience for children and young families to create new experiences and inspire learning through play. For the first time, CBeebies viewers will be able to step right into their world. A place that’s full of nourishing, real adventures. Come and play…

    justins house thumb

    Justin’s House Pie-O-Matic Factory

    Just like Justin’s House, the Pie-O-Matic Factory is full of fun chaos! Yes, Robert has been inventing again – this time it’s a factory for making the best custard pies and your job is to get the cherries on top! Go wild, have fun, there’s only one rule; there are no rules!

    Can I Ride?

    Minimum 0.9m. for mums and dads/guardians with children under 18

    Something Special Sensory Garden

    Something Special Sensory Garden

    There’s something special about the Something Special Sensory Garden. Follow Mr Tumble’s spotty bag trail and look out for some special objects as you wind your way through the woodland and garden. Go quietly past Grandad Tumble’s shed – he’s trying to sleep! This attraction is supported by Makaton signage designed to help children with language development.

    Mr. Bloom's Allotments

    For hands-on fun, venture down the garden path to Mr. Bloom’s Allotment. Mr. Bloom is on holiday, he has left his neighbour Mr. Blossom in charge who needs the help of willing Tiddlers! Compo needs feeding, there's a radish-sized problem to solve and the Veggies need singing to sleep! Quick, before Mr. Bloom calls…!
    Charlie and Lola small

    Charlie and Lola's Moonsquirters & Greendrops

    Visit Charlie and Lola at their home on Crocodile Street, you might just see Soren Lorensen, and you might just have to help Lola make him some lunch. Have a peek in Charlie and Lola's bedroom, there's lots of dressing up to do. Follow the bugs and if you're lucky you could find your way to Greenland where it's always raining greendrops, then watch the ocean nibbles swim in the supermarket under the sea. You're still not tired out? Then try climbing to the top of Mount Fuji, can you touch the cloud fluff.


    In The Night Garden Magical Boat Ride

    Set sail on the magical In The Night Garden Boat Ride where you’ll be able to journey through a real Night Garden and spot all your favourite characters – whether it’s Upsy Daisy waving and blowing kisses or the Tombliboos playing peek-a-boo, everyone is there to find…………………………..even Igglepiggle!

    Can I Ride?

    Children under 1m must ride with an adult (18+) 

    Number Go Round thumbnail

    The Numtums Number-Go-Round

    Time to get counting with the Numtums on their Number-Go-Round – hop aboard your own Numtum cart and take control at the steering wheel as you whizz around. Let the race begin!

    Can I Ride?

    Children under 1m must ride with an adult (18+)

    Nina Science Lab Thumb

    Nina's Science Lab

    Nina’s Science Lab brings together Nina’s much loved Neurons to demonstrate how they control our five senses. Children will have hands on scientific fun exploring our just how clever their own neurons are.
    Photo Studio Thumbnail

    CBeebies Land Photo Studio

    Which CBeebies friend will you choose to have your photo taken with? Enter our CBeebies Land Photo Studio and make a choice – there’ll be a few familiar faces to help you make your decision. As you have your photo taken watch yourself be magically transported on the screen to a very special place. Create, capture and share your photo with your friends. The photos will be printed on site for purchase ready to take home the same day.

    Get Set Go Tree Top Adventure

    The Get Set Go Tree Top Adventure is a great place for families to begin their day at CBeebies Land. Wake up the sleeping bugs in the CBeebies bedroom and Get Set Go on this fun ride offering plenty of imaginative play. Travel high through the tree tops in your own vehicle and take in a tip-top view of CBeebies Land.

    Can I Ride?

    Children under 1.1m must ride with an adult (18+)

    Postman Pat Logo - Thumb

    Postman Pat Parcel Post

    Postman Pat’s parcels have been mixed up! Report to the Sorting Office to receive your instructions and become part of Postman Pat’s Special Delivery Service. Through problem solving and interaction the attraction lets children take control of Postman Pat’s van on his delivery route through Greendale, picking the right parcels to deliver to the village’s favourite residents as they drive along.

    Can I Ride?

     Children under 1.1m must ride with an adult (18+)

    Tree Fu Tom Logo

    Tree Fu Tom Training Camp

    At the Tree Fu Tom Training Camp, join Tom and friends on an amazing new adventure where play can help transform you into a Tree Fu master. Learn moves and complete your Tree Fu training at Spell School and then put them in to practice on an adventure around Treetoplis, visiting all of Tom's magical friends and Ariela's Ranch to Zigzoo's boat. Run, jump, climb, slide, push, pull, swing, glide; at the Tree Fu Tom Training Camp you can put your moves and skills to the ultimate test: you can be a Tree Fu hero too!

    Can I Ride?

    Suitable for young children. Height restrictions vary; please see safety signage at attraction entrance.

    Big Fun Showtime Logo

    Big Fun Showtime

    Big Fun Showtime is an oasis for picnic dwellers and entertainment seekers alike. It's the living breathing heart of CBeebies Land with a full schedule of events where you can meet and interact with some of CBeebies biggest stars including Mike the Knight, The ZingZillas, Nina and the Neurons and In The Night Garden. 

    Featured On Stage


    Mike the Knight

    The Kingdom of Glendragon cordially invites all young knights-in-training to its medieval fair, where everyone can learn how to 'be a knight, and do it right! Young knights-in-training will be able to test their archery skills at Mike's Target Test, hunt for dragon eggs with Sparkie and Squirt or even learn how to cast a spell at Evie's Wizard Workshop!

    The ZingZillas

    Zak, Tanh, Panzee and Drum are on tour with their Zingtastic music. Children will be able to sing and dance with their favourite primates. The ZingZillas would love to meet you after their show so make sure you stick around to say hello. 

    Nina and the Neurons

    Nina has some special helpers Nancy and Nick who will be hosting some Big Fun ShowTime experiments - with the help of Neurons of course. Be amazed at the science unveiled before your very eyes!

    For the comfort and safety of our youngest guests, and to make sure they have the best time ever, there may be times when we have to limit the number of people in CBeebies Land. Please visit our other family friendly attractions during these periods.

    CBeebies Land 

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