Alton Towers Theme Park

The Theme Park is open for the 2015 season until the 8th of November! There's something for all thrillseekers and families, with tons of terrific rides, blockbusting attractions, amazing live shows, and weird and wonderful costume characters.

Theme Park Rides

Minimum Ride Height

The Smiler

Experience the world's first 14 looping rollercoaster! Time to get corrected.


The dark and mysterious THI3TEEN is the world’s first freefall drop rollercoaster.


Experience the feeling of flying, as you glide through the air in the prone position.


Oblivion makes you face your fears, and as you’re held, overhanging the edge of world’s first vertical drop rollercoaster, you get a moment to savour what is to come.


Brace yourself – as the lights turn green, Rita powers you straight to 100kph in just 2.5 seconds, putting your body through 4.5G. At lightning pace, Rita navigates every twist and turn of the track, as you break free from the clutches of the Dark Forest.


Ride the twists and turns of Nemesis, as it races past the rocks and rivers of Forbidden Valley.

Nemesis Sub-Terra

A psychologically and physically thrilling experience. Nemesis Sub-Terra takes guests down into the darkest location of the Forbidden Valley, deep in the catacombs below the Nemesis monster.


Feel the rush of plummeting to the ground on this incredible ride.

Congo River Rapids

There's no escaping the splashes and sprays of the torrents of the Congo River.

The Blade

Sit at the back if you're really brave!


The water rises and falls as you swing around in and out of the fountains... see if you're lucky enough to stay dry!

Runaway Mine Train

The Runaway Mine Train twists and turns, getting faster and faster.

Battle Galleons

Sail amidst shark infested waters to the pirate cove! A marvellous spectacle for land lubbers and pirate crew, Battle Galleons is an interactive water ride which swashes the buckle for all ages.

The Flume

Climb into your bathtub, fly down drops and through waterfalls before finishing off in the power shower. Watch out for the ducks!


Have your wits about you as you prepare to do battle with ghosts and ghouls!

Ice Age 4D Experience

Located in the Cloud Cuckoo Land Theatre of the Theme Park, Ice Age The 4D Experience cinema will combine 3D footage, based on the third movie in the series, with an exhilarating variety of physical effects providing fans with the ultimate, ultra-cool, 4D experience! Fans will also have the opportunity to meet both Sid and Scrat around the Alton Towers Resort!

Sharkbait Reef

Embark on a mission of discovery, and join Captain Black and his crew beneath the wreckage of the galleon in Mutiny Bay.


Experience a trip across the Theme Park in our amazing multi coloured gondolas.

The Gardens

Take a break from the twists and turns of the Alton Towers Theme Park's rollercoasters and enjoy a stroll through the elegant gardens.

The Towers

Founded on the site of an Iron Age camp, there were actually many different buildings before the existing Towers, but from 1412 until 1924 they all belonged to the same family - the Talbots (Earls of Shrewsbury).

Live Shows

Enjoy Live Shows around the Theme Park, from swashbuckling Pirates in Mutiny Bay to sing-along fun with the Zingzillas in CBeebies Land. Download the Resort App to see show times.


Journey deep inside the legendary Towers in this incredible multimedia experience... but be careful not to unearth the curse of the Chained Oak.

Sonic Spinball

Climb aboard Sonic Spinball and you too can enjoy listening to Sonic's favourite tunes whilst spinning faster than the speed of sound on this fabulous family rollercoaster.

Haunted Hollow

This spooky walk through is full of surprises... you need to keep your eyes peeled!

Marauder's Mayhem

Swirl and twirl with the gunpowder barrels which make up Marauder's Mayhem. Beware the actions of your crewmates, who can make the barrel spin faster.

Meet Our Characters

Wherever you explore, there are always new and wonderful friends waiting around every corner at the Alton Towers Resort.

Driving School

Race around the roads and learn to drive at the quirky driving school.

Twirling Toadstool

Take your seat on this giant toadstool, and enjoy the crazy views.

Wobble World

The fun and excitement of Cloud Cuckoo Land has been extended into this amazing indoor play area. Young guests can bounce around all day.

Charlie & The Chocolate Factory

Discover the wonderful world of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Frog Hopper

Hopping good fun for kids of all ages!

Justin's House Pie-O-Matic

Just like Justin’s House, the Pie-O-Matic Factory is full of fun chaos! Yes, Robert has been inventing again – this time it’s a factory for making the best custard pies and your job is to get the cherries on top!

Something Special Sensory Garden

There’s something special about the Something Special Sensory Garden. Follow Mr Tumble’s spotty bag trail and look out for some special objects as you wind your way through the woodland and garden.

Mr. Bloom's Allotment

For hands-on fun, venture down the garden path to Mr. Bloom’s Allotment. Mr. Bloom is on holiday, he has left his neighbour Mr. Blossom in charge who needs the help of willing Tiddlers! Compo needs feeding, there's a radish-sized problem to solve and the Veggies need singing to sleep!

Charlie and Lola's Moonsquirters & Greendrops

Visit Charlie and Lola at their home on Crocodile Street, you might just see Soren Lorensen, and you might just have to help Lola make him some lunch. Have a peek in Charlie and Lola's bedroom, there's lots of dressing up to do.

In The Night Garden Magical Boat Ride

Set sail on the magical In The Night Garden Boat Ride where you’ll be able to journey through a real Night Garden and spot all your favourite characters – whether it’s Upsy Daisy waving and blowing kisses or the Tombliboos playing peek-a-boo, everyone is there to find…………………………..even Igglepiggle!

The Numtums Number-Go-Round

Time to get counting with the Numtums on their Number-Go-Round – hop aboard your own Numtum cart and take control at the steering wheel as you whizz around. Let the race begin!

Nina's Science Lab

Nina’s Science Lab brings together Nina’s much loved Neurons to demonstrate how they control our five senses.

Get Set Go Tree Top Adventure

The Get Set Go Tree Top Adventure is a great place for families to begin their day at CBeebies Land. Wake up the sleeping bugs in the CBeebies bedroom and Get Set Go on this fun ride offering plenty of imaginative play.

Postman Pat Parcel Post

Postman Pat’s parcels have been mixed up! Report to the Sorting Office to receive your instructions and become part of Postman Pat’s Special Delivery Service.

Tree Fu Tom Training Camp

At the Tree Fu Tom Training Camp, join Tom and friends on an amazing new adventure where play can help transform you into a Tree Fu master.

Big Fun Showtime

Big Fun Showtime is an oasis for picnic dwellers and entertainment seekers alike

Octonauts Rollercoaster Adventure

Dive into CBeebies Land in 2015 and join Captain Barnacles and crew as The Octonauts head to Alton Towers Resort with a brand new attraction – Octonauts Rollercoaster Adventure!

Theme Park Disabled Access

The Alton Towers Resort strives to make sure that the Theme Park, Hotels, Waterpark and other extraordinary attractions are easily accessible to all our guests.

The downloadable leaflet below has been created in order to help disabled guests have a fabulous and unforgettable experience at the resort!

BALPPA Statement on public safety for disabled people

Members of the British Association of Leisure Parks, Piers and Attractions (BALPPA) welcome visits by disabled people and will do all that is possible to ensure a safe and pleasurable stay. However, certain rides/attractions in our parks can be physically demanding and vigorous. We therefore reserve the right to refuse admission to certain rides/attractions should we feel there is a danger to a particular individual or individuals for whatever reason. We have been advised by the Health and Safety Executive that refusal on the grounds of health and safety does not constitute discrimination. We hope that you understand and accept the decisions made in the interest of your safety.

Please download our 2015 Disability Policy here.

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