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An Iconic Family Ride

The classic Enterprise funfair ride is a favourite for all ages. For young visitors, Enterprise is likely to be their first introduction to the thrill rides of the X-Sector. Meanwhile, seasoned thrill seekers are surprised that a seemingly simple ride delivers so much g-force!

01 Enterprise Wheel

Vintage Theme Park Thrills

Enterprise is one of the longest serving rides and attractions at Alton Towers Resort.

Brave visitors have climbed on board this gravity-defying science experiment every year since 1984.

As both a family ride and thrill ride, it’s no wonder that Enterprise remains as popular as ever!

03 Enterprise Close

Feel the Rush

The Ministry of Joy commissioned an experiment for all willing advocates that’s designed to play with your limits. Climb into your cage, hang upside down and prepare to spin round and round and round. There’s nothing to hold onto, just trust them… This Ministry of Joy installation will totally disorientate you. Only the circular force of Enterprise keeps you in place, as the monstrous steel wheel drags you towards the sky.

02 Enterprise Wide

Zero-Gravity Spinning Wheel

Sat in the shadow of Oblivion and The Smiler, Enterprise is an unassuming thrill ride. It is only when you take your seat and notice the lack of restraints, that you realise you’re in for a wild ride! Lean back and let the sheer momentum of the 360-degree giant spinning wheel hold you in place…

Ride Stats

  • Location: X-Sector
  • Maximum Height: 18m
  • Time per Revolution: 4.5 seconds
  • Duration: 2 minutes
  • Capacity: 40 riders, in 20 cars.
  • Can you ride: You must be at least 0.9 metres tall to ride Enterprise. If you are under 1.4 metres, you must be accompanied by an adult (18+).

Speed and G-force, sitting within a cage, your head never leaves the back of your seat as you hurtle round and round in a circle and then upside down like some form of possessed wheel. For younger visitors, this is the first big scary ride they might go on.”