• Fri 21st: 10am - 5:30pm
  • Sat 22nd: 10am - 6pm
  • Sun 23rd: 10am - 6pm
  • Mon 24th: 10am - 6pm
  • Tue 25th: 10am - 6pm
  • Wed 26h: 10am - 6pm
  • Thur 27th: 10am - 6pm
  • Please be aware, Galactica will be unavailable today.






















All of our rides and attractions comply with the required design standards and are subject to a thorough annual safety inspection/testing regime through third party ride safety specialists via the Amusement Device Inspection Procedures Scheme (ADIPS).


Each ride must pass an ADIPS annual inspection in order for a Declaration of Operational Compliance to be issued, which is much like a car’s MOT.


ADIPS is managed by the Amusement Devices Safety Council (ADSC), which comprises all major industry trade associations and is supported by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). 






Our rollercoasters have sophisticated, multi-layered computerised control systems that monitor the safe operation of the ride on a continuous basis, similar to the engine management systems in cars.




We check every ride, every day before opening, and we carry out more detailed inspections on a weekly, monthly and annual basis.  In total, it can take up to 8 man hours to get one of the big rollercoasters ready for opening in the morning.






Ride operators have to complete at least 100 hours of training, and then go through a series of assessments before they can operate a ride.






Listed below are the main reasons why we stop rides.  This is to ensure the safety of our guests:


-          Use of cameras or mobile phones on rides


-          Lost property within the ride area


-          Guest illness


-          Loading or unloading guests with additional needs


-          Very high winds or extremely heavy rain


To minimise stoppages we strongly encourage guests to read the information boards at the entrance to each ride




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