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The Science of Rollercoasters


What forces are you subjected to on Rita? Why don't we have seatbelts on enterprise? Let’s take a look at the science behind the UK’s No 1 theme park resort and how we create amazing thrills every day! This talk takes in some of the principles studied for the major exam specifications including Energy and energy transfers, circular motion, momentum and centripetal force. All with the thrill of experiencing these first hand whilst at the park. This talk is perfect for KS5 Physics.


The Science of Rollercoasters


At the home of some of the world’s best loved roller-coasters, take a look how science is behind every thrill! From acceleration to kinetic energy, G-forces to efficiency. This GCSE specific talk is designed to support the major GCSE exam specifications.


The Science of Rollercoasters


What does acceleration of 11.08ms² feel like? What has the most G-force… a rollercoaster or a washing machine? Find out how we use science to thrill you at the UK’s No 1 theme park resort! This talk is designed to support the national curriculum and as an introduction to GCSE science specifications.


Information Technology

KS3 & 4

An inside look at Alton Towers Resorts digital world. Look at what systems we use and how we use them to keep the UK’s No 1 theme park resort running smoothly every day. This overview of the use of ICT at the resort looks to reveal the application of ICT in a modern business and theme park.


Computing – Creating Galactica

KS3 & 4

A brand new talk that explores how computers are pushing the boundaries of what is possible on a rollercoaster from the design and build of the hardware to creating a brand new VR systems to enable the world’s first VR coaster to be created. This talk is perfect for a case study for KS3 & 4 computing.


Design Technology – Structure and Design

KS3 & 4

Take a look into the fascinating world of rollercoaster design and what it takes to make them safe and reliable as well as amazingly thrilling! How does a structure get designed and selected to be installed at the Alton Towers Resort? What forces are they subjected to? How do we ensure each one is safe and thrilling? This talk is designed to show the whole planning and development process for structures at the Alton Towers Resort.


Design Technology – Systems and Controls

KS3 & 4

Take a look into the fascinating world of rollercoaster systems and discover how we control our rides making them safe and reliable and of course… thrilling! From design concepts to PLCs and HMIs, this talk is designed to show how a modern control system is designed and operates. This talk also has many parallels to the systems and controls in the manufacturing industry.



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