Why bring your class to Alton Towers Resort?

There are so many things going on in the world that affect your students’ lives. It is more important than ever to give students positive, fun experiences that develop them personally and inspire them to continue to challenge themselves, to try their best and to never give up.

Learning at the Alton Towers Resort is highly motivating. The intrinsic learning experiences we provide all stimulate interest, curiosity and passion for ‘doing’. These activities broaden young people’s horizons, enable them to develop new skills and build relationships. They make young people more engaged with learning and therefore more likely to do well at school and in the wider world.

Integrating a day into your curriculum for a visit to the Alton Towers Resort can inspire and enthuse your class, as well as provide opportunities to address many aspects of development that may not be uncovered in the classroom.

Contact our schools team at education@alton-towers.com to start your journey to an amazing schools experience.

Reasons to visit

Reasons to visit


- Reward and Recreational Trips

- Educational Trips

- Special Educational Events

- Team building

- Residential & Revision 

Talks and Workshops

With over 30, key stage appropriate, curriculum linked educational experiences available at our Education Centre we are confident you can find exactly what you are after to inspire and inform your pupils.


Special Educational Events

 We have different educational events throughout the year, including Street Dance and National Science Week!
Our Special Events have limited time slots... Make a provisional booking today.

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Escape to the Alton Towers Resort