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Absolutely. Safety is the number one priority at Alton Towers and all Merlin attractions. We have a team of highly trained engineers that look after our rides. All of our attractions must be certified by independent, third party experts before they are allowed to operate.

Yes - we have a team of first aiders that are trained by West Midlands Ambulance Service.

Yes - we have CCTV cameras monitoring the whole Resort, 24/7. We also have an on-site security team who complete regular patrols.

If a child is visiting as part of a school trip, the school will be registered with us. We will get in touch with the school and they will then contact parents.

Tickets purchased in advance can be collected from the theme park entrance.

No, when booking your tickets you can request to have them sent to the school to save you time when you arrive. However if we will only do this if we are confident you will receive them in time.

Park maps are available from many points around the park, but if you want to collect a large number for your group you can ask at the box office. They are also available to download on our website and on our Alton Towers Resort App.

You can register your school at the box office. If you print out and complete your form in advance you don’t even need to speak to anyone. Just drop off your form in the post box.

Your pupils will be able to contact any member of staff if they have any issues. Alternatively if it is not an emergency they can return to the box office.

We operate a medical centre at the bottom of Towers Street next to the Skyride station. If it is an emergency please contact any member of staff or call the emergency services on 999 who will contact us directly.

For safety reasons the decision to open a ride or allow an individual to ride is with the operations staff and assessed on a case by case basis. We endeavour to allow access to as many people as possible however any decision to restrict access is made purely with the health and safety of the individual and other riders in mind. Ride specific access information can be found at the entrance to each ride and on the website under ‘Useful Info’.

Queue line information can be found on our digital screens and on the Alton Towers Resort App.

Yes, Halal food can be purchased at our Eastern Express restaurant in Mutiny Bay.

 Yes, most of our restaurants cater for the usual dietary requirements, however if you have a specific or unusual need please get in touch before you visit.

Yes, we have rooms available to hire for the day (subject to availability). If you would like to hire a room for any reason please contact our education staff.

BT Public telephones are available within the Theme Park on Towers Street.

Minimum call charge is 60p. Coins accepted are 10p, 20p, 50p, £1, and £2 coins.

There are benches at various locations around the Theme Park, or various cafes and restaurants where you can relax with a drink.

Please visit the Medical Centre located on Towers Street where we can provide refrigerated storage for your medication.

Yes, guide dogs, hearing dogs and registered assistance dogs are all welcome in the park.

Whilst assistance/guide dogs are welcome in the Theme Park they will not be able to accompany guests onto any of the rides. They will be allowed as far as the loading point where they must be left with a member of the party – they must never be left unattended anywhere in the Theme Park

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