Places to Stay

Choose a Themed Hotel Room, Woodland Lodge or Luxury Treehouse

Alton Towers Themed Rooms

For that special treat pick your Themed Room to delight and excite. With over 20 themed rooms at the Alton Towers Hotel and Splash Landings Hotel, there's a room for every occasion. 

Enchanted Village Woodland Lodges

Your very own woodland lodge, nestled deep within the Enchanted Village. In a far corner of Alton Towers Resort next to the Enchanted Forest there is a small village. In the tops of the trees live mischievous Little Fable Folk. They love it when you come to stay and play in the village Woodland Lodges.

Enchanted Village Luxury Treehouses

Indulge your family and friends in one of our treehouses - the height of luxury. At the far corner of Alton Towers, next to the enchanted forest lies a small village… Stay in a luxury treehouse to experience a land full of forest spirits and little fable folk that live amongst the trees.

Five Fantastical Reasons to Book a Short Break

FREE Car Parking when you stay at the Alton Towers Resort

Choose your favourite themed room to stay in

Receive your 2nd Day Theme Park ticket FREE

1 hour early access to the Theme Park

Enjoy fantastical evening entertainment for all the family

Alton Towers Hotel








Sir Algenon presents...
A stay inspired by his intrepid adventures

This unique hotel is themed around the incredible explorer Sir Algenon. There are plenty of fun and quirky features to discover, including his amazing flying ship which has crash landed right in the middle of the Hotel.  






Splash Landings Hotel

Parties and fun amidst a Caribbean vibe 

Offering a bright and tropical taste of the Caribbean, the sun shines every day in this crazy Caribbean themed hotel! 


Enchanted Village Lodges

In a far corner of the Alton Towers Resort...

There is an Enchanted Village. In the tops of the trees live mischievous little fable folk. They love it when you come to stay and play in the village. Choose from a Woodland Lodge or a Luxury Treehouse.




Stay Nearby

Stay nearby and discover a whole world of adventures... 

In the beautiful countryside, towns and cities that surround Alton Towers Resort.


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