Duel: The Haunted House Strikes Back

When the ghosts and ghouls attack, this is your chance to fight back.

Load your laser guns and have your wits about you.

Prepare to duel with the undead!

Ride Information

Ride Information

Ride Stats


Gloomy Wood


1920 riders per hour


6 minutes

Can you ride?

If you are under 1.1 metres, you must ride Duel with an adult (18+).


Did you know?

The Haunted House was originally designed by rollercoaster theming legend, John Wardley.

That means that this immersive experience joins a list of world-famous themed rides and attractions, including Nemesis and TH13TEEN.

Haunted House meets Laser Tag!

This dark ride lets you take your fate into your own hands... Enter the Haunted House at your peril, as the zombies are awake and ready to fight back! 

Every brave rider is armed with a laser gun, to protect themselves against the spooky creatures who attack the ghost train.

This fully immersive experience is a haunted house ride like no other! 


Bonus Tip: 

Aim for the yellow targets for extra bonus points to boost your high score!

Duel Ride Reviews

“Duel: The Haunted House Strikes Back! is one of the best family rides at Alton Towers, with the added bonus of having a high capacity that ensures long queues are rare. Kids and adults alike will have a great time blasting away at the targets” - Theme Park Tourist


“This is a fantastic ride. Not only is it interactive, but the amount of detail is fantastic! [...] The busts, the models, animatronics and the dummies... it's just amazing how much there is to this ride.”- Towers Almanac 


“Duel is a great family ride which makes you want to go on it again and again, because you really want to beat your last score.” - Towers Almanac


“Another old favourite that was once a standard ghost train ride but is now an interactive shooting experience. A very popular family attraction but one that also has a great interest with groups of teens and young adults.“ - Birmingham Live

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