This Ministry of Joy installation will totally disorientate you.

Only the circular force of Enterprise keeps you in place, as the monstrous steel wheel drags you towards the sky.

Ride Information

Ride Information (SEO)

Ride Stats



Maximum Height


Time per Revolution

4.5 seconds


2 minutes


40 riders, in 20 cars.

Can you ride?

You must be at least 0.9 metres tall to ride Enterprise. 

If you are under 1.4 metres, you must be accompanied by an adult (18+).

Zero-Gravity Spinning Wheel

Sat in the shadow of Oblivion and The Smiler, Enterprise is an unassuming thrill ride.

It is only when you take your seat and notice the lack of restraints, that you realise you’re in for a wild ride! 

Lean back and let the sheer momentum of the 360-degree giant spinning wheel hold you in place…

Enterprise Ride Reviews

“Great fun, as something quite different from the bigger roller-coasters. The lack of restraints gives it an added thrill.” - Towers Almanac


“The Enterprise ride is still one of my all-time-favorites. It's great fun and keeps what it promises and looks like: High tempo and very good G-Forces! I love it!” - Towers Almanac


“A fun ride that seems to defy gravity - be amazed as you get spun and lifted up!” - Towers Nerd


Speed and G-force, sitting within a cage, your head never leaves the back of your seat as you hurtle round and round in a circle and then upside down like some form of possessed wheel. For younger visitors, this is the first big scary ride they might go on.” - Birmingham Live


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