The Alton Towers Dungeon is a hilariously hideous journey through Staffordshire’s darkest history.

Before you come face to face with these gruesome ghosts, get to know the characters of the UK’s latest dungeon attraction.

Come face-to-face
with real life GHOSTS



The Judge

In the year 1602, under the strict regime of Puritanism, fun days out, laughter and thrill seeking are the ultimate sins! The right honorable Bishop of Stafford, newly appointed Justice of the Peace, is on a journey to check up on local law enforcement. He has arrived at Alton Towers Dungeon to administer justice.

Puritans believe that life should be based on scripture and nothing else. Were there any rollercoaster rides in the Bible?! The Bishop of Stafford believes that thrill seekers and adventurers should focus more on chores and responsibilities. If you’re looking for an adventure at the UK’s biggest theme park, then you’re definitely guilty!


The Torturer

The year is 1643 and soldiers of the English Civil war will go to any lengths to seek information. Meet the resident Torturer at Alton Castle: he has ways of making you talk… he has even more ways to make you SHUT UP!

The Torturer must find out who you are: are you Roundhead or Cavalier? Can you be trusted?! The Torturer at the Alton Towers Dungeon is loyal to his Royalist masters and determined to hold back the Parliamentary troops, who are advancing rapidly across the Midlands.




Dick Turpin

The most famous highwayman in history, Dick Turpin held hideouts across the UK. Turpin is the most desperate, dashing and despicable highwayman in English history. Originally part of the infamous Essex Gang, Turpin hit the road and likely ended up in Stonnall, Staffordshire - just a gunshot’s distance from Alton Towers.

Atop his faithful mare, Black Bess, Turpin set off towards Yorkshire. Yet, unpredictable and murderous by nature, he took a detour to take advantage of unsuspecting thrill seekers. The story goes that he was hanged by the neck until dead, but who really knows where the infamous villain ended up?! Renowned for hiding in dark shadows, Turpin may have found the perfect hideout at the Alton Towers Dungeon.


The Plague Doctor

In 1665, England was rife with bubonic plague. The Great Plague killed thousands in London and was spreading. Some tried to bleed out the illness with leeches, others relied on strong doses of laxatives to pass the plague, and some poor souls were coated in mercury and put in the oven! The only benefit: more work for the local Plague Doctor.

The resident Plague Doctor at Croxden Abbey, Stafford, has to perform a gruesome gutting: an autopsy of a plague victim. But this Plague Doctor doesn’t hide behind a beaked mask, he gets up to the elbows in his patients! Friends of this filthy character must have a strong stomach, as he turns Alton Towers Dungeon into his bubonic blood-chamber.




Molly Leigh

Legend has it that Molly Leigh and her familiar spread illness and misfortune on the townsfolk of Burslem. Her only friend, a pet blackbird, stayed faithfully by her side as she spread illness, destroyed businesses and terrorised the village.

Born Margaret Leigh around 1685, Molly was shunned for her strange deformities. She lived as an outcast, in what became infamous as Burslem’s haunted cottage. Unloved, without a friend in the world, Molly turned on Reverend Spencer from the local parish. With the powers of black magic, she poisoned the Pastor, making him appear drunk for weeks!

For more than 200 years, the story of the Witch of Burslem has been told. Now she’s back to set the story straight! Was she born wicked, or wrongly accused of witchcraft?! Over 270 years after death, her restless spirit still seeks the souls that did her wrong…

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