Spinball Whizzer

Feel like a pinball being catapulted along the 470 metre track at speeds of up to 60km per hour! 

Each car will spin 360 degrees whilst flying around the tracks. Expect full on family fun!

THEME PARK TOP TIP: Ride Spinball Whizzer later in the day, after the initial rush has died down.

Spinball Whizzer Timeline

Ride Stats


Adventure Land

Maximum Height


Top speed




Track Length





950 riders per hour

Can you ride?

You must be at least 1.2m tall to ride.

Spinball Whizzer Timeline

Spinball Whizzer has been a popular family favourite and alternative thrill ride for over 15 years!

2004: Spinball Whizzer was built by Maurer Sohne, German ride manufacturing experts famous for their spinning rollercoasters.

2010: The track turned bright red as Spinball Whizzer was temporarily rebranded.

2016: Spinball Whizzer returned to its classic theme, inviting riders to enter into a classic arcade game!

Spinball Whizzer Ride Reviews

“Spinball Whizzer is great fun for everyone. It could be a stepping stone up for younger or less confident riders, or just a great ride for thrill seekers.” - Towers Almanac


“My head is still spinning. This ride rocks. Fun, enjoyable and definitely worth the queue!” - Towers Almanac


“This was one of my first roller coasters [...] It was very thrilling for a first-timer like me!” - Towers Almanac


“This ride is so fun! It was my first proper roller coaster and I was really nervous before I went on it, but I came off it wanting to go on again!” - Towers Almanac


“Spinball Whizzer is great fun and a family coaster that the park absolutely needs. The perfect ride to give inexperienced riders the confidence to tackle the bigger rides at the park or just give the family something they can do together.” - Mission Theme Park


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