The dark and mysterious THI3TEEN is the world’s first freefall drop rollercoaster. Dip and dive through the Dark Forest, enter the ancient crypt and face the unknown horror that lies within.

Don’t go alone…

Ride Information

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Dark Forest



Top speed




Can you ride?

You must be at least 1.2m to ride. If you are 1.96m or over you can't ride


The dark and mysterious TH13TEEN is the world's first vertical freefall drop rollercoaster. Speed round the track, enter the ancient crypt, and face the unknown horror that lies within..

Unknown Facts

  • The free fall drop on TH13TEEN is 5 metres and this was the first in the world!
  • TH13TEEN has been dubbed a "psychoaster" as it creates a new level of psychological fear!
  • TH13TEEN is located in the Dark Forest area of Alton Towers... watch out for the Wraiths
  • 1,500 people can ride TH13TEEN every hour.

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