• Nemesis Sub-Terra

  • Your worst nightmare underground.......

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    Nemesis Sub-Terra -  a psychologically and physically thrilling experience, taking place in a dark, intense underground setting. This attraction is based around the back-story of the original Nemesis attraction, which opened in 1994. Nemesis Sub-Terra takes guests down into the deepest, darkest location of the theme park for a unique and unusual experience.  

     The area where Nemesis Sub-Terra is located is currently a restricted area and is under the control of The Phalanx - a military group who protect the earth. 


    Location: Forbidden Valley
    Opening date:  March 24th 2012 

    Can I experience Sub-Terra? You must be at least 1.4m tall to experience Nemesis Sub-Terra

    Fastrack? Fastrack Ultimate and Platinum packages include access to Sub-Terra

     Nemesis Sub-Terra - let us know what you think 

    Nemesis Sub-Terra re-launched at the start of June 2012, we're really interested to know what you think of the changes - Tweet us @altontowers with your reviews and we will publish them on the reviews tab above.

    Nemesis Sub-Terra Media Gallery

    Nemesis Sub-Terra - Reviews

    Katie Wilson ‏@itsKatieWilson_  

    Can't get over how scared I was in Nemesis Sub-Terra in Alton towers, only ride I've ever sprinted out of when it was over!

    DaveKeel ‏@DavidKeel 

    Still buzzin for alton towers next week can't wait to go on new ride nemesis sub-terra ! #imnoscared

    ~helena walker~†☯ ‏@walkerfacee 

    omfg nemesis sub-terra is the scariest thing I've ever been on

    Erin Ross ‏@erinrossx 

    I recommend every person who goes to Alton towers to go on the new ride nemesis sub terra, terrifying I swear!!!

    Jordan Calvert ‏@JustJordan_  

    omfg the Nemesis Sub-Terra ride at Alton Towers is so scary

    Jemmmma † ‏@Jemmastewaart 

    Had an absolutely amazing time at Alton towers!! Still not sure if my heart beat will ever get back to normal after Nemesis Sub Terra!!

    Angela Atherton ‏@madiave0 

    Back from Alton Towers still can't stop laughing at how scared Gill was on Sub Terra haha hilarious!! @Elliemia

    charlotte connell ‏@charlottel0uise 

    lovely day at Alton Towers although I will probably be having nightmares from sub-terra!!! #scariestthingever #iamawimp

    Gem Louise ‏@GemLouise1985 

    9 days to go til our 3 days at Alton Towers...(and 10 days til my birthday) wooooo cannae wait!! Not getting me on Sub-Terra tho...noo way!!

    Charlie Marsh ‏@Chaz07 

    @altontowers Sub-Terra was amazing! Where did those bad reviews come from? I don't get scared but N:ST got me a shakin' in ma boots


    Be sure to Tweet your Nemesis Sub-Terra reviews @altontowers - we'll refresh our favourites every week!

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