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Venture into Forbidden Valley to encounter this fearsome creature, fury heightened and more uncontrollable than ever before, sending riders through terrifying inversions aboard this intense rollercoaster that leaves thrill-seekers exhilarated.  

Nemesis Reborn invites the bravest of thrill-seekers amongst the many who visit to take in the awesome power of its unruly domain tackling dominating drops and intense inversions aboard the ride, where control is a mere illusion, the Phalanx have lost all strength and now it’s your turn to encounter this terrifying creature.  

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Nemesis Reborn

She's Back With A Vengeance!

Sit back, hold on tight, because the intensity of Nemesis Reborn is unparalleled. The power-hungry Phalanx caused mutations and increased the level of fear felt through the Valley. As riders, you are nothing but irritants to the Nemesis creature. While efforts are made to maintain some semblance of control, the situation remains untamed…  

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Opening 16th March 2024

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The Legend of Nemesis

Deep in the Thunder Valley area of Alton Towers Resort, a routine excavation led to a shocking discovery - Nemesis, an alien predator from another dimension. This dangerous creature had been hidden, lying dormant until it was disturbed and awoken from its slumber. Once awake, it began to feed and wreak havoc on the surrounding area. The ensuing battle to contain the beast resulted in the near destruction of Thunder Valley, leaving behind a post-apocalyptic landscape that is now known as Forbidden Valley.   

In 1994, the situation reached a critical point, and the Phalanx, a private military organization, was mobilized to deal with Nemesis. Their extreme security division managed to pin the beast down with 250 tonnes of steel, successfully containing it. A security silence fell over Forbidden Valley and for years that followed, everything seemed to be under control, and the world moved on.  

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Ride Stats

  • Location Forbidden Valley
  • Maximum Height 13m
  • Top speed 81kph
  • G-force +3.5G
  • Track Length 716m
  • Ride Features 4 inversions
  • Capacity 1400 rides per hour
  • Can you ride? You must be at least 1.4m to ride.


Nemesis is as unique as they come. [...] The flow of elements and how they are used are unlike any other coaster in the world.

Amusement Insider

Did You Know?

  • Since the original Nemesis opened in 1994, Alton Towers has been home to Europe’s first ever inverted roller coaster!
  • In fact, Nemesis Reborn is only the second inverted rollercoaster to be built in any theme park worldwide!
  • When it was being developed, the project name was Secret Weapon 3 (SW3)
  • The original Nemesis had it's own fizzy drink and comic book made to promote the ride when it opened.
  • Nemesis Reborn has a sister: visit Thorpe Park to ride Nemesis Inferno.
Wickerman Entrance

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If you’re a fan of Nemesis Reborn, then there are plenty of other thrill rides and attractions at Alton Towers.

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Or brave Wicker Man, the UK’s first new wooden coaster built in over 20 years, a globally unique experience that reconnects riders with the primal essence of rollercoasters.

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