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Dungeon Judge


You’ll be screaming with laughter whilst being sentenced by the Bishop of Stafford, before being condemned to a traitors boat ride down the Black River.

In these dark chambers, try to survive the plague, and endure humiliation as well as pain at the hand of the Torturer.

If you escape… stop at the local tavern, known to be one of Dick Turpin’s hideouts, he may even shoot by! Then visit the Witch of Burslem’s cottage... to come face to face with her ghost!

Miss it and you’ll be GUTTED!


At the Alton Towers Dungeon, we are horribly excited to whisk traitors back to see, hear and (ahem!) smell Staffordshire’s perilous past, and we’re confident we can do so in the safest way possible.

We have fully reviewed the experience, making changes to the way our Dungeon dwelling storytellers interact with visitors.  We’ve put in place a wide range of new safety measures that adhere to our Local Health Authority and Government guidelines, ensuring every peasant (ok…guest) can have a truly great experience - all whilst observing social distancing guidelines.

The Judge at the Alton Towers Dungeon


FUN! THRILLS! LAUGHTER! All unforgivable in the eyes of the puritanical Justice of the Peace, the bombastic Bishop of Stafford! Take the stand in his courtroom and plead your case. In fact… it doesn’t matter, you are all peasants! GUILTY!

The Boat Ride at The Alton Towers Dungeon


You are guilty! So you are going on a little trip down the black river beneath Alton Towers. Step into the boat and take in the sights and… errr… smells of the Alton Towers Dungeons. Say hi to some of the Dungeons residents… don’t worry if they don’t wave… they’re a little tied up!

The Torturer at The Alton Towers Dungeon


He has ways of making you talk… he has even more ways to make you SHUT UP! Take a seat in the Torturers chair and come face to face… or red hot poker to nostril with all the Torturers favourite devices. You’ll be screaming with laughter in no time at all.

The Highwayman at The Alton Towers Dungeon


The most desperate, dashing and despicable highwayman needs hideouts all over the country. Who would have thought one would have been round the corner from Alton Towers? Pull up a chair and meet the friendly owners of the Welsh Harp Inn, nothing is TOO MUCH TROUBLE! You never know… Dick Turpin might just shoot by!

The Plague Doctor at The Alton Towers Dungeon


For those of you who want to get knee deep… or even up to the elbows in the past, let me introduce you to the Plague Doctor. Gather round as we get to the GUTS of the bubonic plague, you could even get hands on! No experience necessary… must have a strong stomach!

The Haunting at the Alton Towers Dungeon


Take shelter from the storm in an abandoned cottage. Have you wondered why the cottage is abandoned? What dark and terrible story can these walls tell? Don’t stay for too long… you never know who might appear out of the darkness!

The Alton Towers Dungeon Molly


This 45 minute experience journeys through 5 shows, a boat ride* and 6 themed areas. From the frantically funny to the seriously spooky, each show will introduce you to a real historical person from a key moment in Staffordshire’s history.

Recommended for ages 10+, reserve your time in the Alton Towers Dungeon which is located next to the Dark Forest behind the Tower Ruins.

Valid Theme Park admission is required. Please arrive at least 15 minutes before your time slot to enter the Dungeon.


We are reducing the number of guests going through the dungeon, so we are asking guests to book in advance to guarantee entry.  If there is enough capacity, tickets will be available on the day from the Resort Box Office or using a QR code to purchase online at the attraction entrance.

Yes, the Dungeon remains the same price as in 2019.  Entrance to the Alton Towers Dungeon is free for Premium Season Pass holders.

We’ve reduced the number of people who can enter the Dungeon at any one time.  As with some of our rides, guests will be asked to wear a face mask throughout the Dungeon experience, and our cast members will also be fearing face masks.  Guests will be asked to sanitise their hands on the way into and out of the attraction, and enhanced cleaning will take place throughout the day.  For peasants who visit us regularly, you may notice that some of the scenes have been amended to ensure social distancing throughout.  Otherwise the attraction is unchanged and as hilariously gruesome as ever!

The Alton Towers Dungeon will be open daily from Saturday 18th July with the first show at 11.15am.