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Ride Safety

Find out more about how our rides operate and how we keep you safe.

Did you know...

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Every year all of our rides must pass a thorough inspection by an independently certified ride inspection body under the Amusement Device Inspection Procedures Scheme (ADIPS)

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It takes 8 man hours to get one of our big coasters ready for opening every morning. In one theme park season, that’s over 9,000 hours of pre-opening preparation – all before any guest even comes through the gates.

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Our ride operators go through 100 hours of supervised training before they can operate our rides.

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All of our rollercoasters are controlled by sophisticated systems that monitor the safe operation of rides at all times.

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In our 40 year history, Alton Towers Resort has delivered over 1 billion rides, entertained over 87 million visitors and our teams have completed over 64,000 hours of inspection time

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Every year, independent inspectors spend about 1800 hours checking all our rides to make sure they are safe to ride.

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All our managers take part in safety leadership courses, no matter what job they do. That means they have the skills and knowledge to help oversee safety standards correctly and effectively.

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A ride will stop automatically if any of the hundreds of sensors on the track is obstructed, even if it’s just by heavy rain or leaves.

Watch the films below to find out more about why rides stop, and what happens when they do.

To find out more about ride safety please visit Merlin Backstage

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Why Rides Sometimes Stop

The most common reasons why rides stop...