Prices, Talks & Planning

Prices, Talks & Planning

School Prices and Packages




School trips to the Alton Towers Resort are based on a 3 tiered pricing structure. This has been designed to highlight both our busiest and quietest times to visit the Theme Park with your class in order to make your trip stress-free and fun for your pupils. 






Educational Talks and Workshops




Our school talks are designed with our in-house experts to inspire your pupils and engage with them by learning outside of the classroom. We offer a number of engaging educational talks that provide valuable learning outcomes and are priced at just £1.50 per pupil per talk. Workshops are £2.50 per pupil and are available at 9.45am, 11.45am or 1.45pm, Monday to Friday






Teacher VIP Days & Planning

To help with the planning of your school trip, we offer exclusive teacher events throughout the year. In this section you will also find templates to help with the planning of your trip and our 2016 calendar highlighting our schools prices and when they occur throughout the year.



Risk Assessment &Testimonials

Risk Assessment








To help with the planning of your trip, we have completed a Risk Assessment using the Staffordshire LEA template.








The Alton Towers Resort Risk Assessment has been created using the standard LEA template and completed to be appropriate for most school visits. This includes individual and group time at the Resort as well as travel to and from the Resort. There is additional space for you to add any group/student specific details and to fully comply with your school/LEA’s school trip procedures.




 Find out more about Ride Safety













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External providers: Learning Outside The Classroom

Alton Towers Resort hold the Quality Badge for Learning Outside the Classroom activities.

Alton Towers Resort has been awarded the Quality Badge by the Council for Learning Outside the Classroom; our educational offering has been assessed and has met the requirements of the LOTC Quality Badge Code of Practice. Alton Towers Resort holding this badge should help with your planning – trips to destinations that hold the Quality Badge no longer require a completed ‘External Providers’ form prior to your trip.


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