Secondary Schools

Visit Alton Towers Resort for a recreational or educational school trip like no other!

Primary Schools

Discover a world where you can learn through fun on a school trip to Alton Towers Resort!

Educational Events

We have different educational events throughout the year, including Business of Leisure and Sub Strain.

What we offer...

Every pupil can benefit from the opportunity to experience life and lessons beyond the classroom walls as a regular part of growing up.

These experiences expand the horizons of young people, opening their eyes to the wonders of areas such science, heritage, culture, adventure and the natural world. What better place to encourage the growth of each and every pupil as an individual that the Alton Towers Resort.

Choose the right type of school trip to enthuse and inspire your students and watch them grow at the UK’s most exciting classroom… the Alton Towers Resort.

"I feel confident that the students can approach their GCSE examination to all gain excellent grades, Thank you" - Sharnbrook Upper School

Types of School Trip

Types of School Trip


- Reward and Recreational Trips

- Educational Trips

- Special Educational Events

- Team building

- Residential & Revision 

Free Teacher preview day

30th March, 8th June, 26th October 2019

We want to invite you to come and experience Alton Towers Resort Education and then enjoy the Resort at your leisure for FREE!

Information for Teachers and Parents

We understand that when you are planning a trip school there are many considerations and facts that you will need.

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