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Cutting Edge Fun

Dare you brave the Blade? Take one massive shard of rusting metal and start it swinging through the Forbidden Forest. Then jump aboard for a seriously hair-raising, stomach-floating, zero-gravity near-vertical experience that gets ever more intense until you’re hovering off your seat, high in the sky. Try the very back for extra thrills – few are bold enough to sit there twice!

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Swing Into Action!

This huge shard of rusty metal was discarded during the Nemesis excavation.

It was found by one of the workers of the Phalanx, and crafted into a swinging blade that cuts through the Forbidden Valley.

As it swings through the air, back and forth, The Blade reaches a zero gravity moment. Float free from your seat and leave your stomach floating somewhere above you! As it flies back and forth, this pendulum swing reaches near-vertical angles.

Dare you sit right at the back of this swinging ship ride?!

Ride Stats

  • Location Forbidden Valley
  • Maximum Height 20m
  • Peak Angle 75 degrees
  • Top speed 19kph
  • Duration 1 min 30 seconds
  • Capacity 45 riders at a time. 
  • Can you ride?You must be at least 1.0 metre tall to ride The Blade. If you are under 1.3 metres, you must be accompanied by an adult.

This ride provides a unique feeling in your body (especially your stomach) like no other ride on the park.

Towers Almanac

Did You Know?

01 Heaveho

For a Tamer Experience...

For a tamer pirate ship experience, head to Mutiny Bay and climb aboard the decks of Heave Ho.

Unlike The Blade, this pirate ship stays firmly on the ground - or the high seas!

A rock ‘n’ tug family favourite, Heave Ho is a great alternative for those who aren’t feeling brave enough to tackle the thrilling pendulum action of The Blade.

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