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Rebuilding Nemesis – The Return of an Icon

  • Thursday April 27th 2023
  • Sian

Nemesis Track Arrival Phalanx Stand By

The eagerly-anticipated return of the coaster, set to re-open to thrillseekers in 2024, takes riders on a heart-pounding journey with a g-force of 3.5 and top speed of 50mph. However, the rollercoaster will return with a changed colour from white to black, with red veins snaking along its length. 

Nemesis New Track Arrival

The transformation will see the entire 250-tonne, 716-metre-long track replaced piece by piece over the coming months, with each track element travelling 4,000 miles from Ohio back to the Resort in Staffordshire. 

Following the track arrival and as work on the site gets underway, fans will be able to watch the developments from a custom-built viewing platform, overlooking the construction area. Up to 30 people at a time can get a glimpse of what’s to come, ahead of the legendary rollercoaster returning next year. 

Nemesis New Track Arrival Red Veins

Nemesis closed on 6th November 2022 and guests got to see The Phalanx, the secret organisation tasked with keeping the Nemesis beast under control since its discovery in 1994, take control and close the ride. Since then, fans of the ride have been told how this organisation is carrying out investigations into the beast's behaviour ahead of reopening in 2024.  

As a result, The Phalanx were among the first to witness that the new track has changed colour.  

Nemesis New Track Phalanx Inspection

Drone images taken by the Resort show how the installation is now underway, with the rollercoasters final bend carefully placed into position. Over the coming weeks, each piece will be craned into its place by a specialist team of engineers – some of which who worked on the construction of the original ride in 1994.

Drone Photo 2

Video released by the Resort also captured the moment a convoy of lorries arrived at the Resort with the first pieces of track, under Phalanx control. 

The ride, situated in the Fordbidden Valley area of the Theme Park, carries dangling thrillseekers around tangled steel as it corkscrews, spins and loops. Nemesis is, without a doubt, one of the most heart-pounding, exciting and exhilarating rides you will ever experience. It welcomes guests and tells them to ‘sit back, it’s fright time!’ 

Nemesis New Track Viewing Platform

Nemesis opened in 1994, costing £10m, and was the creation of legendary rollercoaster designer, John Wardley. It was crowned Europe’s first inverted rollercoaster and since then has welcomed numerous famous faces from around the World. 

The original story told fans of the park how Nemesis came from another dimension, a dimension beyond all imagination. Deep beneath the ground at Alton Towers Resort lived a strange being. Disturbed during maintenance, the monster that lay dormant was unleashed, wreaking havoc on the surrounding area. The Phalanx immediately launched their extreme security division to pin down the creature and disable it. 

On November 6th 2022, thrillseekers took their last ride around the track before it was theatrically taken over by The Phalanx and closed for investigation. When it re-opens in 2024, the iconic ride will return in sensational style, marking its 30th anniversary. 

Since the closure, more than half a million fans have watched the Resort’s on-board footage on social media.  

Nemesis First Track Phalanx

Bianca Sammut, Divisional Director at Alton Towers Resort, said: “As Europe’s first ever inverted rollercoaster, Nemesis rightly holds legendary status among thrillseekers.  

“At Alton Towers Resort we’re committed to providing visitors with stand-out attractions that are unmatched by anyone else. 

“Reaching this latest milestone in the transformation of Nemesis is a proud moment for everyone involved in the project. 

“And for all thrillseekers out there it means the day we can take the wraps off our thrilliant revamp is edging ever closer. 

“Stay alert for more developments…” 


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