Places to Eat

We have a selection of amazingly themed restaurants in the Alton Towers Hotel, Splash Landings Hotel and The Enchanted Village as well as our new Rollercoaster Restaurant situated in the Theme Park.

Reserve your table in advance to guarantee availability.

Rollercoaster Restaurant

The new Rollercoaster Restaurant is set below a vast rollercoaster track where diners can watch as their order tackles two gravity defying loop-the-loops before dropping 8 metres down the tornado spiral to their table.



The Enchanted Village

The Crooked Spoon

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served in this quirky restaurant with a delicious yet unusual menu on offer. Keep an eye out for the mischievous little folk, as rare glimpses have been caught on camera and displayed on the gallery walls… Watch very carefully as they may not be quite as they seem! In the evening, sit back and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere.


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