Ride the twists and turns of Nemesis, as it races past the rocks and rivers of Forbidden Valley. Inverted on the track, it corkscrews, spins and races over the twisted steel track, making it one of the most heart-pounding, exciting and exhilarating rides you will ever experience!

Sit back, it’s fright time

Ride Information

Ride Information

Ride Stats



Forbidden Valley



Top speed




Track Length


Can you ride?

You must be at least 1.4m to ride.




Built in 1994 and still regarded as one of the best rollercoasters in the world there is 250 tonnes of thrilling, twisting and turning coaster, including an underground tunnel!

Unknown Facts

  • Europe's first ever inverted rollercoaster... your legs are dangling beneath you as you ride!
  • 1,400 people can ride it every hour.
  • When it was being developed. Nemesis's project name was Secret Weapon 3 (SW3)

Take your word for it

Dominic Rogers ‏@NintendoNinja Sep 1

Ride photo from Nemesis at @altontowers with @fcrosbie and @williamtm

Maryam_x ‏@_BaeMinHyo Sep 9

Nemesis was the only ride I backed out on #AltonTowers

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