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The Return of Hex - The Legend of the Towers

  • Tuesday March 7th 2017
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01 Hex Entrance

We are extremely excited to confirm that following our TLC refurbishment project, Hex will reopen as part of our 2017 ride line up on 25th March. Hex first opened in the year 2000 and is a well-loved favourite amongst visitors of all ages, but after 16 years of operation it was time to sprinkle some extra sparkle throughout the attraction. Our mission with the refurbishment was to take the time to restore the attraction and update its technology to modern standards.

10 improvements for Hex 2017

Refurbished entrance signage – Each of the 8 metre high entrance signs have been carefully stripped back to plain metal and expertly re-painted - a specialist job that has taken over 250 man hours.

New flooring – We have replaced the flooring throughout the whole of the queue line, to prevent damage to the floor of the historic ruins. The pre-show and Cinema flooring have also been painted with some hard wearing paint to protect the stone floor.

New dust – A specialist deep clean has been undertaken throughout the whole attraction removing years of real dust… before being redressed with set dust! We’ve paid extra attention to the Vault where the ceiling, arches and columns are now free of dirt and grime.

Redressed sets – We’ve discovered some new artefacts to display! Filled the bookcase full of books, replaced all of the linen and curtains as well as making some significant repairs to sets and fiberglass damage throughout the whole attraction.

New sound system – Whilst the old sound system was sufficient, it was 16 years old and as such the opportunity to enhance the audio experience was evident. We’ve replaced the speakers throughout the Cinema, Octagon and Vault and had expert sound engineers adjust the levels to fine tune every sound.

Refurbished effects – We have repaired strobe tubes, installed new wind machines, cleaned fibre optics and repositioned smoke machines. To keep the vault nice and chilled at a temperature you would expect from a room deep in the towers, we have replaced the air conditioning system.

Vault seats and floor repainted – Each of the benches in the Vault have been stripped back and re-varnished, along with the floor walkways all being repainted.

New lighting/lamps – The whole lighting system within the attraction has had a complete overhaul, with replacement bulbs, repairs and new filters throughout. Each light has been refocused and re-positioned to enhance the sets.

New smell pods – The attraction has had new smell pods installed throughout, ensuring all senses are stimulated through the experience.

Reinstated original TVs in the Octagon – It was evident that the new TVs we had recently installed in the Octagon were emitting too much back light  and therefore we have switched these with the queue line screens, this ensures the dark scenes in the Octagon show are just that!

We hope you enjoyed reading our snapshot of the work that has been taking place in Hex and we look forward to welcoming you onto the ride in 2017.

Have a short break booked before 25th April? We can move your stay date with no extra cost!

Further to recent updates from the Government on the response to the Covid-19 coronavirus outbreak, we have taken the very difficult decision to close Alton Towers Resort as a precautionary measure.

For guests with short breaks arriving up to and including 25th April 2020, we have relaxed our usual terms and conditions so you can now reschedule your break to another date in the 2020 season with no additional cost*

Please visit the Manage My Booking site and complete the booking amendment form, including your booking reference and the preferred date you would like to rearrange your booking to. Our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

We look forward to welcoming you to Alton Towers Resort soon. Thank you for your patience.

*Subject to availability, please provide 3 alternative dates in order of preference, dates allocated on a first come first served basis. Please note – if you have booked a partner Hotel (a Hotel off site), most will honour the price you booked at, however there are a small number which cannot, we will let you know based on the dates you choose.