Blast through an advanced launch portal to a dimension beyond your imagination. Soar,  spiral and glide in our iconic flying rollercoaster on an exhilarating expedition that frees you from the bounds of your earth forces.

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Take flight beyond on the Galactica voyager

Ride Information

Ride Information

Ride Stats



Forbidden Valley



Top speed




Track Length


Can you ride?

You must be at least 1.4m to ride.


The year is 3019.  Deep in Forbidden Valley,  a pocket of cosmic energy known as a wormhole was discovered.  After extensive testing, it was proven that this wormhole could be harnessed for travel to other dimensions.  The aerospace operating group, Galactica, utilised this worm hole to develop pioneering launch portal technology to take crafts of civilians further than they have ever imagined.


Board the AIR-WING 6000 craft,  assume the position and commence the launch sequence. Build up enough momentum to blast through the plasma of the launch portal and enter new realms of galaxies.  Soar over the Earth,  spiral between the rugged vistas of Vega 10 and glide through the cosmic clouds of Espin on a sensational journey.

Ride Facts

  • On Galactica, riders "fly" face down, gliding over the terrain below... 
  • 28 Galactinauts can ride on each craft!

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