The Blade

In just a few swings, you'll reach zero gravity. Leave your stomach in the air as you fly near vertical on this swinging ship ride!


We’re sorry that Blade is currently unavailable to guests due to essential maintenance work. There are lots of other family rides and pirate adventures for guests to enjoy at Alton Towers Resort this Autumn.

Ride Information

Ride Information (3 cols)

Ride Stats


Forbidden Valley

Maximum Height


Peak Angle

75 degrees

Top speed



1 min 30 seconds


45 riders at a time. 

Can you ride?

You must be at least 1.0 metre tall to ride The Blade.

If you are under 1.3 metres, you must be accompanied by an adult.


Did You Know?

This ride has been delighting theme park fanatics since 1980!

Choose Your Seat Wisely

Unlike our biggest thrill rides and roller coasters, The Blade offers thrills for all the family.

Based on a classic pirate ship ride, this giant swing offers a totally different experience dependent on where you sit. 

Family riders enjoy sitting in the middle of the swinging ship; but only the bravest sit either end of this unassuming thrill ride. 

The Blade: Ride Reviews

“[The Blade] has been on the park for [over] 27 years, and it is still going strong!

As pirate ships go, this is a massive one and I challenge anyone not to hang on if they sit in the end rows - it is very high!“ - Birmingham Mail


“There is rarely a queue for this attraction, even in summer, so it's definitely worth a quick go. The back seats are recommended for a more thrilling ride.” - Towers Nerd


“One of the best swinging rides I've ever been on, really enjoyed it.” - Towers Nerd

“This ride provides a unique feeling in your body (especially your stomach) like no other ride on the park.” - Towers Almanac

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