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It’s true – the thrill of our world-class rollercoasters can make you happier!

  • Monday December 18th 2017
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Close-up of The Smiler rollercoaster at Alton Towers Theme Park

We’ve always had a sneaky suspicion that our guests love the thrill of our rollercoasters.

Their smiling faces at the end of the ride are a giveaway! But before we launch Secret Weapon 8 we wanted to understand more about what makes our guests tick. So, we teamed up with researchers OnePoll and top psychologist Donna Dawson to find out how ‘good thrills’ can affect your mood. The results were fascinating! 

  • Two thirds of adults said 'being a bit scared 'makes them feel invigorated and can actually INCREASE levels of joy – good news for us!
  • Over half of brave Brits (56%) - and two thirds of 18-24 year olds - said they felt 'really happy' straight after doing something scary like sky-diving

Expert Donna Dawson explains that: “During moments of intense excitement, the brain releases the hormone adrenalin into the body which makes us feel thrilled, focused and alert.” Donna added: “Nowadays we can enjoy a scary experience and feel the same surge of adrenalin but in measured circumstancesKnowing that we have control over the experience makes the sense of euphoria last, long after it is over.”

Here are some of our other findings: 

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