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Schools Top Tips

  • Thursday June 27th 2024

Smiler Schools Laura Montali

Welcome to Alton Towers Resort, we hope you are as excited as we are about your upcoming visit. To help you make the most of your trip, here are a few tips from us. Please ensure that your group are aware of these points to help you have the best day possible.

Before you arrive  

Please ensure you have printed off your tickets ahead of your visit. Each student should have one bar-coded ticket.  

July is a very exciting, busy time for us as we welcome hundreds of schools for their end of year trip. To ensure your students can make the most of their visit, we can offer them a Bronze Fastrack at a substantially discounted rate. For more information or to add these to your booking, please contact us.  

If any of your students require Ride Access Passes, please reply to your confirmation email stating that you require this. Student Ride Access Passes must be prebooked ahead of your visit. Please feel free to get in touch for further assistance. 

Ensure your students have emergency contact details for your group leader. If any student requires assistance during their visit, they can approach any member of staff for help.  

RMT Laura Montali

When you arrive 😊  

Due to our new EV charging points being installed, we have a new car park layout for 2024. Your coach will more than likely be parked further back than in previous years. Please follow the signs to the newly designated coach car park. Once disembarked, keep an eye out for our staff who will be waiting to give you any assistance you may need.  If your coach is leaving the resort until collection time, head to the theme park entrance for drop-off. We recommend acquiring your coach company’s phone number, so you can check where you are being collected from.  

Hand your tickets out in the comfort of your coach. If you are collecting tickets on arrival, please ask your students to remain on the coach while one member of staff collects them from the kiosks at the theme park entrance.  

For your security, we are checking all bags on entry to the theme park, please have your bags ready. Students can bag share if they wish.   

For your convenience we have free suncream located on Towers street, and water filling stations available throughout the theme park.  

Please make sure your students are aware of their end-of-day meeting point. The front lawns provide a great meeting place. It’s a good idea to bring an easily identifiable object such as a selfie stick with a flag, so that your students can spot you on the lawn. Please avoid using Towers Street or the Entrance Plaza as a meeting point, so that people exiting the park can do so easily.  

Enjoying your day 

Download the Alton Towers App for interactive maps, queue times and on the day alerts: Download The Alton Towers Resort App | Alton Towers Resort  

If anybody loses anything, please head to Guest Servies and fill in a lost property form, we will do our best to reunite you with your possessions.  

Our Rides: 

We want you to have a fun-filled and thrilling day with us, but to help everyone enjoy their day we ask that you read the ride information boards at the entrance to every ride queue and ensure you follow the instructions. These rules are there for your safety and must be adhered to at all times.  

All our big 7 coasters have height restrictions of 1.4m, apart from Th13teen and Wicker Man which have restrictions of 1.2m.  

During your visit, students 1.1m and over wishing to ride Congo River Rapids, must be accompanied in the boat by an adult aged 18 and over.  

MM Laura Montali

When you leave 🙁

Please be mindful that we have some event furniture on the front lawns, ensure your meeting space is big enough to safely accommodate your group. Please ensure every member of your group is accounted for before you exit the park.  

Please feel free to contact us, should you need any further assistance 

We look forward to welcoming you here.  

The Schools Team 


Tel: 01538 704095  


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