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Alton Towers: Meet The Team Making The Final Touches To Nemesis Reborn (including a tentacle technician)

  • Thursday March 14th 2024

Nemesis Reborn Key Visual

  • Incredible time-lapse footage shows scale of transformation ahead of March 16 opening 
  • Over 100 metres of hand-crafted tentacles bring the beast to life 
  • Construction Director Pete began career alongside his dad on the original Nemesis project in 1994 

The Alton Towers team behind the monster operation to bring back its most iconic coaster are suspended 40 feet in the air as the finishing touches are made to Nemesis Reborn ahead of its hugely anticipated opening on March 16. 

Construction Director Pete Bartlett, 53, whose first job was on the original Nemesis construction project in 1994 alongside dad Harry, was accompanied by model maker Gemma Byrne, 32 in the crane basket - as they inspected one of the ride’s infamous loops that fully inverts riders. 

Gemma is part of an on-site team known as the tentacle technicians who are responsible for hand-crafting and installing over 100 metres of tentacles for the attraction.  

They are among an extensive array of elements including state-of-the-art audio visual technology that have been harnessed to vividly bring to life the alien creature which gives the ride its name. 

Pete said: “Over thirty years ago I took the first steps in my construction career at Alton Towers, making indelible memories working side by side with my dad on the original Nemesis build. 

“There have been many projects since then, but helping to bring back this iconic coaster is a true career highlight.” 

Gemma added: “What has always set Alton Towers apart for me is its ambition to  tell great stories before anyone even sets foot on a ride. 

“It’s been a real thrill to play my part in crafting these tentacles to help bring the narrative of Nemesis Reborn to life.”    

The iconic Nemesis rollercoaster is returning following a complete overhaul of the original ride that came to be revered by millions of thrill-seekers since its launch three decades ago. 

Now known as Nemesis Reborn, part of the transformation has also seen the entire 250-tonne, 716-metre-long track replaced. The two ride trains have also been replaced - transforming the breathtaking experience for thrill-seekers. 

In addition, extensive, new, immersive story-telling elements will propel visitors into a compelling new narrative from the moment they set foot in the resort’s Forbidden Valley.  

The extensive engineering project - led by Senior Project Manager David Taylor - has been captured in captivating time-lapse footage, shared by Alton Towers Resort today. 

It begins in November 2022 with crews removing the framework of the original coaster. By April 2023 the first pieces of new track are seen arriving on site - from Ohio, US, where they were manufactured. 

The painstaking process of craning each of the individual segments into place follows, while work to dramatically enhance the theming and look of the site continues. 

First opened in 1994, Nemesis was heralded as Europe’s first ever inverted rollercoaster and became an immediate hit with thrillseekers from around the globe, who were blown away by the combination of its 50mph top speed and its numerous twists and turns with four inversions. 

During its original incarnation it travelled over 800,000 miles, carrying more than 52 million people. 

Bianca Sammut, Divisional Director at Alton Towers Resort, said: “As the final finishing touches take place, we are beyond excited to open the doors to Alton Towers Resort on March 16 so visitors can enjoy the heart-pounding thrills of Nemesis Reborn for themselves. 

“At Alton Towers Resort we’re devoted to creating unrivalled experiences for our guests. 

“The original Nemesis rollercoaster set a very high bar. But with Nemesis Reborn we’re confident we have raised that even higher. 

“I couldn’t be any prouder of our team of engineers, model-makers and technicians who have truly surpassed themselves on this project.” 

To book tickets to be among the very first to experience the heart-pounding power of Nemesis Reborn visit 

Nemesis Reborn In Numbers 

  • 53 pieces of track 
  • 89 columns 
  • Over 2,500 bolts 
  • 716 metre track length 
  • 250 tonne track weight 
  • Each of the two passenger trains weighs 10 tonnes unloaded 
  • 1400 working days over 17 months 
  • Team of over 500 construction workers 
  • Over 750 different tradespeople from all over the world 
  • 10,000 test runs of the ride will be completed before opening day  
  • Over a mile’s worth hand-painted veins on the track 
  • Over 8,000 crane lifts during construction 
  • 10 mile’s worth of cabling to operate the ride, power operate and generate SFX 
  • 13m - Highest Point 
  • 50mph - Top Speed 
  • 3.4 - G Force 
  • The original Nemesis travelled the equivalent to the moon and back, and back to the moon again 
  • This is equivalent to circling the world 32.2 times  
  • More people rode the original Nemesis than the population of Colombia, Spain and South Korea 
  • Nemesis opened March 19, 1994 and was Europe’s first inverted rollercoaster.  
  • The original cast of TV show Gladiators were the first riders 
  • Each track piece was manufactured in Ohio, US 
  • Over 100 metres of tentacles have been hand-made to bring the new creature to life 


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