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Towers, Love & Care: Alton Towers Resort’s 2024 upgrades have been unveiled!

  • Monday March 18th 2024
  • Sophie

Get ready for an exhilarating adventure as Alton Towers Resort unveils its spectacular lineup of upgrades for the 2024 season. In a recent video with Divisional Director, Bianca Sammut, the anticipation builds for what is

2024 Portal Image

This season, Alton Towers Resort has spared no expense, investing millions to enhance your experience.  From floors to ceilings, pathways to fencing lines, seating, and everything in between, the theme park is ready to welcome you all for another season of fantabulous fun.  

Forbidden Valley has undergone a transformative makeover, offering an utterly immersive experience. Forbidden Valley will place guests in the heart of the deserted Phalanx base ready to experience the return of the UK’s most iconic rollercoaster, Nemesis Reborn, and transport you into a whole new world!

Nemesis Reborn Key Visual

CBeebies Land will welcome new friends to their already spectacular line-up, including Bluey the loveable blue heeler dog from Saturday 23rd March in celebration of its tenth anniversary. The land has also received a fresh spring clean, bringing revived vibrancy to our existing attractions, and making this the perfect place to learn, play and inspire your children’s imagination.

Bluey at CBeebies Land - Alton Towers Theme Park

Hex: The Legend of the Towers has received significant investment to restore the twisted mystery back to this iconic dark ride. Guests can expect to become bewitched once again by the legendary story of the cursed chained oak later this season.  

As the summer approaches, the Alton Towers Dungeons will temporarily close, paving the way for an extraordinary new experience during Scarefest… but we can’t reveal that just yet! Make sure to mark your calendars for the spooky festivities this October; you won’t want to miss this. 

Of course, our iconic rollercoasters have undergone their own thrilliant transformations. Feed the flames on a revitalized Wicker Man as the shoulder flames return to this world-class coaster, before soaring through the skies on Galactica and tackling the mindboggling loops on The Smiler, both of which have received sprucing ahead of opening. For all you coaster fans out there, don’t forget you can get up-close-and-personal with some of your favourite rides with our new track walks for 2024!

Wickerman Structure

With new additions to the Resort, that can only mean one thing… NEW MERCH! That’s right, you can expect to see all new merchandise across our shops at the Resort this season, including limited edition items that you can cherish for a lifetime. The Resort will also welcome new food and beverage offerings and all-new video overlays to your ride pics so you can continue to relive your memories with us throughout the year.  

At Alton Towers Resort, our commitment to providing a captivating experience for all goes beyond our thrilliant rides and attractions. We take immense pride in preserving our rich heritage and serving as stewards of our historical artifacts. Over the winter, we embarked on a specialised restoration project, focusing on The Choragic Monument and Scalloped Wall nestled within our Grade II Listed gardens. The monument, designed by Peter Hollins of Birmingham and completed around 1830, is a Grade II listed building that features marble bust of the 15th Earl of Shrewsbury and the inscription ‘he made the desert smile’. Aptly, the quote ‘he made the desert smile’ refers to the 15th Earls dedication to improving the gardens and wider estate despite its lack of a natural water source. We can’t wait for you all to take a break from the thrills in this truly tranquil setting.  

This season, we have also extended our enhancements over to the hotels, where we've been hard at work improving the look and feel of our whacky Waterpark. This includes a new refreshments outlet for guests to fuel their fun between sliding and vibing, plus upgraded changing facilities. Guests can also expect newly themed hotel rooms coming soon, adding a newfound charm to our perfectly peculiar on-site accommodations.


This is just a glimpse of the thrilliant experiences Alton Towers Resort has in store for you in 2024. Stay tuned for more exciting developments as we embark on what promises to be one of our best seasons yet. Are you ready to discover the extraordinary?  


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