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STEM Resources

Join us here for all things rollercoasters! Discover the science behind our rollercoasters and how we use it to thrill our guests over and over again! How does Oblivion work and how does its 30 metre drop affect your body? Find out how we use an engine to power Rita to 110km/h in 2.5 seconds and how this affects the G force your body feels. Take part in our real life examples and learn much, much more with these engaging, interactive resources.

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Rita coaster Lowres - masked guests

Discover Science of Rollercoasters…

Science of Rollercoasters: Part 1 How Rollercoasters Work

Watch here!

Science of Rollercoasters: Part 2 Newtons Laws of Motion

Watch here!

Science of Rollercoasters: Part 3 Newtons Laws Applied, Acceleration and Slowing Down

Watch here!