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Featuring the fabulous LIVE STAGE SHOW...
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The Rollercoaster Show

This 45 minute LIVE STEM SHOW will show you a side to our Rollercoasters that most people never really think about!


With some scientific revelations and some fun filled experiments on stage, the STEM Week Rollercoaster Show will get your pupils Mad about Maths and Excited about Engineering before they get a chance to sample our world beating Rollercoasters for themselves!


Get inspired with:


Potential Engines, Magnetic Braking, Laws of Motion, Circular Motion and Inertia

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The Rollercoaster Show, part of STEM week at Alton Towers Resort is a unique opportunity to introduce students in KS3, 4 and 5 to some key scientific principles themed around the amazing rollercoasters at Britain’s #1 theme-park.

Students are introduced to the use of a hydraulic launch system on Rita, linking to key areas of pressure, forces and motion.

A demonstration of slowing and stopping rollercoasters using magnetic braking introduces a practical use of electromagnetic induction and Lenz’s law.

As part of stopping rollercoasters, bringing riders to a safe stop will be discussed in terms of the use and design of our ride restraints, with links to Newton’s laws of motion as well as similar curriculum areas.

The show is designed to spark the interest of your students and provide practical activities that can be replicated at home or at school.

Following the show, your students can look out for and experience these key concepts and principles for themselves at Britain’s #1 theme-park, with over 40 rides and attractions.